The Guildford Godalming Greenway will link the two towns with a safe and comfortable route suitable for people who are walking, on bikes, using wheelchairs or families with children in pushchairs.  Guildford Borough Council [1] and Waverley Borough Council [2] have both adopted the Greenway into their respective plans and Godalming Town Council [3] has recorded its support.
(Links [1], [2], [3] to the minutes of the relevant meetings are given at the foot of this page.)

At Guildford, the Greenway will link into the growing network of green routes around the town.  At Godalming, an extension is proposed to Milford from where routes to Rodborough School, Witley and Elstead are all possible.

The Greenway will pass close to many homes making access easy and short links will connect to key destinations such as shops and schools, sports and leisure facilities, rail-stations and work places.

Explore the plans for yourself.  This website will provide you with information about the proposed route, progress with its implementation and details of who will be able to use the route and what it will be like.

[1] Decisions of the Guildford Local Committee (13 June 2018)

[2] Decisions of the Waverley Local Committee (29 June 2018)

[3] Minutes of the Godalming Town Council (19 July 2018)

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