Aaron’s Hill

This links the spine route near Godalming Station to Aarons Hill.

Why is this link important?

Aarons Hill is a significant centre of population.  Most of the residents need to access the town centre from time to time and commuters make a daily return journey to Godalming Station.  Some already walk but, by improving pedestrian and cycle access, more might be encouraged away from the easy option of using a car for this short journey.

Creating links to the hill-top residential areas around Godalming present some of the greatest challenges on the greenway network.  The hilly nature of these areas means that they do not immediately lend themselves to cycling.  Nevertheless, this difficulty is being offset by the increasing ownership of electrically assisted bikes that greatly reduce the effort required to cycle up hill.

The suggested route leaves the spine route just to the south of Godalming rail station and uses the existing track, New Way, to ascend the hill.  A short section of path will need upgrading to shared use to link the track to Aaron’s Hill Road from where quiet, roads connect to most parts of the residential area.

The proposed development of 262 dwellings called Ockford Park, near Aaron’s Hill, has proposed some improvements to this route. Read the response here: Ockford Park planning application response