Downs Link (connecting to Bramley, Cranleigh and on to Dunsfold Park)

The Downs Link is a 37 mile route interconnecting the North Downs Way and the South Downs Way.  It runs through Bramley, close to the Guildford Godalming Greenway route but the current connection via the Wey South Path could be improved.

To connect the spine route on Dagley Lane via the ‘Wey South Path’ to Bramley and hence on to Cranleigh via the ‘Downs Link’.  This route has potential to be extended to Dunsfold Park.

The Downs Link is already a well established and well used greenway route but it starts about half-a-mile south of Shalford and so it is poorly connected to Guildford.  Considerable additional benefit could be achieved by completing the connection.

If the anticipated Dunsfold Park development proceeds, this provides the first leg of the most obvious greenway route to it from Guildford.

(Proposed developments at Dunsfold are expected to have a significant impact on traffic flows through Shalford and the road layouts here are likely to be the subject of redesign.  This will provide an opportunity to rethink pedestrian and cycle movements in the area.)

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