Frequently Asked Questions

Why create a Greenway?

Traffic congestion is an issue throughout Guildford and Godalming.  This gives rise to unacceptable levels of air pollution in some locations.  A route that will attract people to choose an active travel option will not only help to reduce congestion and hence air pollution but will also improve the health and well-being of Greenway users.
More details can be found on this page which is specifically about this topic.

What route is planned for the Guildford Godalming Greenway?

As the name suggests, the main route will connect the two towns.  Additional links will join the main route to neighbourhoods, shops, schools and rail-stations.
See the Route section of the website for full details.

Is a Greenway surfaced with grass?

No.  It’s “green” because it provides an environmentally friendly alternative to motorised transport that pollutes the air.  The surface will be firm and not get muddy so you should be able to use it in everyday clothes.

Why not use the navigation towing path?

The River Wey navigation is very scenic and beautiful and is well suited as a recreational route.  However, the aim of the Greenway is to provide a route that serves for both leisure and transport.  It needs to be adequately wide and well surfaced to be able to be used by cyclists or people in wheelchairs.  Unfortunately, the towing path is sometimes muddy and, in many places, too narrow to be usable for everyday transport purposes.

How much will the Greenway cost and where will the money come from?

The cost will depend on the precise details of the final design.  Much of the route follows existing pathways. Some of these are suitable for use as they are or with minor resurfacing.  The most significant cost is likely to be the provision of a pedestrian/cycle bridge across the River Wey near Godalming.

An indication of the potential cost can be achieved by comparing the scheme to other similar projects that have been completed recently.  The spine route linking Guildford to Godalming could cost in the region of £1m to £3.5m, depending on its specification. Each of the various links would incur its own, additional cost.

This is unquestionably a significant sum but it is likely to be justified by the consequent pollution and congestion reducing benefits and by the health and well-being that it will bring to its users.

Much development is either underway or planned in the vicinity of the Greenway.  It is anticipated that a significant source of funding will be ‘planning gain’ from these developments.   The route has been divided into sections, each of which could attract funding in this way.

Are there any documents about the Greenway that I can print?

Yes.  Click the document title to open it in a new tab.

Here is a four page document summarising the proposal:
A Guildford to Godalming Greenway – Executive Summary (PDF, 713KB)