Across Godalming

Map - Section 3

The proposed route follows the River-side path and New Way

This is the quietest route for the intended audience.  It is scenic and is likely to be cheaper and easier than the other routes to bring up to standard.  It also provides a good link to the rail station.

The High Street was seriously considered as an attractive alternative.  Taking the route through the town would offer direct access to key services and destinations providing a closer connection with the many cafes, restaurants and shops in the town.  This would be of clear benefit to greenway users and bring a business advantage to traders.  Unfortunately, the option is not currently available due to the one-way restrictions which prohibit two-way use by people on bikes.  (The regulations could, of course be changed.  In February 2001, the inspector conducting the Local Public Inquiry into proposed changes to the Traffic Regulation Order for Godalming Town Centre [1] noted that two-way cycling through the high street would be “entirely consistent with County and national policy” and recommended “an extended trial … in order to evaluate it”.)  The town centre route is slightly shorter than the River-side path/New Way option (1.44 kms compared with 1.72 kms.)

If the recommended route is accepted, a link or links to enable greenway users to access the town centre would be required.

Flambard Way was not designed with cycling or pedestrians in mind and would require significant investment to create a route suitable for family use.  Similarly, Ockford Road is busy and space is tight.  By sacrificing parking, it may be possible to create a roadside greenway but New Way presents itself as the preferred option.

Five options have been considered for this section:

  • River-side path/New Way
  • The Burys/New Way
  • Godalming High Street/New Way
  • Godalming High Street/Ockford Road
  • Flambard Way/Ockford Road

[1] Public Inquiry Report (2001) – Paragraph 5.8 in the ‘Conclusion’