This links the spine route on Dagley Lane to Shalford village and train station.

Why is this link important?

Shalford is a significant centre of population.  The village centre has a small collection of retail shops, a café and a rail-station on the Guildford/Redhill (and hence to Gatwick) line.

The link from the Greenway spine is very short at just under a quarter of a mile.  Elements of a successful link are already in place but require some upgrading to make them fit for purpose.

(Proposed developments at Dunsfold are expected to have a significant impact on traffic flows through Shalford and the road layouts here are likely to be the subject of redesign.  This will provide an opportunity to rethink pedestrian and cycle movements in the area and it may be possible to incorporate a better solution to the crossing of the A281 than the upgrading of the existing crossing on top of the rail bridge.)